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Some alternatives to buying new textbooks
Buying new textbooks is usually expensive, especially for freshmen when they don't know various alternatives. There are so many alternatives to buying a new textbook with the shrink wrap still on. Let's take a look at 4 options:

(1) You can always borrow the textbook from a friend or someone who has already taken the course, someone that's a 2nd year or an upperclassmen who still might have it on their bookshelves.

(2) The second alternative is renting textbooks. This is something that is becoming popular with students. It save students money and time. There are many companies who are renting textbooks and the process is simple and easy.

(3) Another alternative is buying used textbooks online or at the bookstore. Online marketplaces are the best places, much cheaper than your campus bookstore. In addition, you can order from online bookstores outside the US, usually the prices dramatically drop because the textbooks are softcover. With your campus bookstore, you have to be one of early birds to stake out a used book.

(4) The last alternative is that you can always ask your professor whether the books are available at your campus library. Usually for engineering classes, there is always a textbook reserved at the library. For literature classes, you can probably go to the university library or the local library.

Give one of these alternatives a try while you're in college!