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Renting textbooks: Pros and Cons
Tight on budget as a student? Can't seem to get over the fact that you're paying too much for textbooks and will have to deal with reselling back your textbooks once you're done? There is excellent option that's only been available to students in recent years. You can finally rent your textbooks, very similar to renting movies from Netflix.

But there are advantages and disadvantages to renting your textbooks compared to buying brand new textbooks from your campus' or online bookstore. Let's start with the disadvantages, then talk about the advantages.

  • You have to pay for shipping costs.
  • Some rental sites require the students to pay for shipping costs
  • You can only highlight a limited amount in the book.
  • Students are responsible for returning their books on time to avoid any late fees
Now that you've read about the limitations of renting textbooks, what about the positives?

  • No need to find a reseller to take your books back at the end of the semester, quarter or summer session. No more financial guesswork. No more time plus effort thats devoted to selling back your books. You just have to mail back the books to the rental company after classes are done.
  • Environmentally friendly no new trees will be cut down because books are reused.
  • Less expensive option that purchasing new or used books. According to a company like Chegg.com, students will save 65-85% on their textbooks. And over a course of time with the many textbooks you need for classes, a student can save hundreds of dollars.
  • Books that are rented out to students are usually in new or like-new condition without missing pages, worn text, handwriting, highlighting and missing covers.
  • If you want to keep a textbook longer than rental period, students are granted various extensions. Also, if a students desires to actually purchase the book, there is a easy conversion process.
So boiling it down, with renting textbook, you save money and time! In the end it's your choice and it'll depend on your financial situation. But give renting textbook a try and experience it yourself. College is a time of exploration and explore all the various options: buying new, buying used, and renting!