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Getting Used Textbooks - An Alternative to Purchasing New Textbooks
A major source of expense for any regular typical college student is purchasing textbooks. A new science textbook can probably go for over $200. That's just one textbook. You'll probabably taking multiple classes each requiring a textbook. So during the semester, you can spend up to $1000 on textbooks alone. And in all honesty, after you are done with your classes, more than likely you won't keep those books. They'll just sit there on your shelf till you graduate from college. For example a Calculus book, when else will you be required to open up the textbook again to work on a math problem? You really only need a book for just a short period of time. And when you try to sell it back to your campus bookstore, you'll be disappointed at how much you get back - fraction of what you paid for a new textbook.

That doesn't sound right at all. It's not a fair exchange! But you're not stuck with attaining new textbooks at your campus bookstore. Let's talk about one alternative. Used books. Used books are much cheaper than the listing price on the shelf. When you go to the campus store early, the first batch of used books are usually in good condition with just the usual highlights and underlined sentences in a few pages. If your campus bookstore runs out of the used books available or if the condition of the used textbooks are poor, you can go to a number of websites for discounted textbooks. There is half.com and ecampus.com. And also, there are great deals on the popular Amazon. Once you search for the book with your ISBN and drill down to the details of the specific book, there will be prices for used books posted by various sellers.

But also, try renting textbooks, a relatively new options available for students. It's like Netflix for textbooks. For more information, read this related article