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Moving and Learning Across the Curriculum: More Than 300 Activities and Games to Make Learning Fun

Author (s): Rae Pica

ISBN: 1418030759

Publication Date: 2006-02-28

Edition: 2

Moving and Learning Across the Curriculum: More than 300 Games and Activities to Make Learning Fun, 2E provides hundreds of activities that help teach major concepts in the content areas of art, language arts, math, music, science, and social studies. Movement is the young child's preferred method of learning, because, when a child physically experiences concepts, he understands them more completely and retains the information longer. Retention has been proven to increase when children's senses are involved in the learning process. To truly educate children, they must be recognized as thinking, feeling, moving human beings with the need to experience with all of their senses. The domains of child development are completely intertwined in the early years, making it important to incorporate them all throughout the learning process. The book will show the teacher how to educate the "whole child," covering all the domains of child development: physical, social/emotional, and cognitive. Moving and Learning Across the Curriculum, 2E provides the activities to achieve that level of learning with features including detailed lesson plans, outdoor alternatives, updated resources, and enhanced "curriculum connectors" with additional suggestions for children's literature and music. An ideal resource for the early childhood teacher, this book offers everything needed to use movement as a teaching tool.