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Collaborative Teaming: Teachers' Guides To Inclusive Practices

Author (s): Martha Snell Ph.D.

ISBN: 155766711X

Publication Date: 2005-04-30

Edition: 2

Collaborative teaming is the glue that holds an inclusive school together, but most teachers don't get the training they need to put this critical process to work. Schools can fulfill that need with the new edition of this book, an easy-to-use guide to forming effective collaborative teams that help stimulate students' academic progress and social behavior in general education. Educators will learn how toselect team members (educators, parents, counselors, SLPs, paraprofessionals, and others)define the team's purpose and focusschedule and preserve time for teaming, andfacilitate smooth communication during team meetings Teachers will also get new and expanded information to help themidentify problems, decide on solutions, and create action planswork cooperatively with family members and paraprofessionalsco-teach with other professionalsavoid or resolve conflict Filled with vignettes that show the strategies and suggestions in action, this guidebook will increase teacher motivation for collaborative teaming, bring about better decisions and outcomes, and facilitate the active involvement and learning of all students.